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Enhanced Suitability Requirements for the Sale of Complex Products: A Pullback?
Hong Kong Judicial Assistance to Foreign liquidators: Ripe for Appeal?
Opening Bank Accounts: Duties of Banks in Hong Kong to Combat Tax Evasion
Opening a Bank Account in Hong Kong: Latest Regulatory Developments
Provisional Liquidation for Restructuring: A review of the State of the law
Freezing Assets in Cases of Suspected Money Laundering: Constitutionality and Civil Liability
Reminder: New Tax Exemption for Private Funds Commences on April 1, 2019
SFC Implementation of New Suitability Requirements for Sale of Complex Products Extended to July 6, 2019
The New Private Funds Exemption: an Update on Discussions with the Inland Revenue Department
SFC Imposes Restrictive Code of Conduct Updates upon Intermediaries to Combat Mis-Selling
Open-Ended Fund Companies: IRD Confirms Availability of Offshore Funds Exemption
Private Funds Tax Exemption: New Legislation to Re-Center Hong Kong as an Asset Management Center
Increased Transparency at Heart of Hong Kong Regulatory Changes
A New Era for Hong Kong's Asset Management Industry
The Regulation of Virtual Asset Trading Platforms: The Emerging Hong Kong Framework
Capital Markets Hong Kong IPOs: A Broken Regime?
Tax Exemption for Open-Ended Fund Companies
Hong Kong: "China's Bermuda"
Open-Ended Fund Companies: Are they Right for Hedge Funds?
Hong Kong Regulator Finds a Back Door to Fund Regulation
Section 179 of the SFO and the Role of the SFC as Front-Line Regulator of Listed Companies
Tax Law: Proposals to Relax Profits Tax Exemption for Hong Kong Managed Funds
Fraudulent and Deceptive Conduct: The Criminalization of Private Wrongs
D&O Insurance in Hong Kong: What To Know In The Event Of SFC Enforcement Action
Tax Law: A Guide to the Taxation of Hong Kong Sponsored Funds
Decoding the Codes: How Changes to SFC Codes of Conduct will Impact Asset Managers and Fund Distributors
Tax Law: Latest Developments in the Taxation of Hong Kong Asset Managers
Pitfalls of Non-Compliance: A New Landscape for Listed Companies
Front-Loaded Regulation: The Implications for Listed Companies
The SFC's Review of Prime Brokers: What to Expect and How to Prepare
Securities Litigation: A Guide to Penalties and Other Consequences Upon a Finding of Liability for Market Misconduct
Stepping-Up Individual Accountability with the SFC’s New the Manager-in-Charge Regime
Credit Ratings and the SFC’s Disciplinary Jurisdiction: Revisiting the Moody’s Decision at the Court of Appeal
Price Sensitive Information and the Market Misconduct Tribunal: A Primer for Listed Companies and Their Directors
Credit Rating Services: Does the Decision of the Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal Over-Reach?
Hong Kong: Regulatory Developments Picking Up Pace
OTC Derivatives: Proposed Hong Kong Reporting & Record Keeping Requirements
M&A Primer: Board Representation of Minority Investors in Hong Kong Companies
Securities Litigation: The Prosecution Of Securities Offences – From Investigation To Appeal
Private Equity in Hong Kong: Fund Formation, Mangement & Operations
Professional Investors: A New Regime For Licensed And Registered Persons And Recent Caselaw
Investment Funds: Mandatory Disclosure of Ongoing Charges and Information on Past Performance for SFC Authorized Funds
Funds Authorised Under The UT Code
Investment Funds: Proposed New Flexibility for SFC Authorized Funds to Publish Dealing Prices and NAVs
Securities Litigation Alert: Internal Policies and Procedures May Set Regulatory Standards
Hong Kong: Developments In The Regulation Of Trading And Clearing Systems
Grey Market Dealings: Legality of Selling Placement Shares Before Completion of Placement
Selling Practices: Lessons for Regulated Firms from the SFC's Recent Inspections
Dawn Raids: What to Do When the SFC Appears at Your Premises with a Search Warrant
Crisis Management: Preventing And Handling A Regulatory Investigation
Market Manipulation: Safe Harbour For Wash Trades And Matched Orders Upheld
New Requirements For Disclosure Of Price Sensitive Information: A Guide For Hong Kong Listed Companies
Professional Investors: Hong Kong Relaxes Requirements - At Least For Now
Hong Kong Listing Rules Summary: Pre-IPO Restructuring
Selling Of Investment Products: New Requirements In Hong Kong
Regulation Of Credit Rating Agencies
False Trading : Are Wash Trades and Matched Orders Now Illegal?
The Shanghai Pilot Programme: The Path to Foreign LPs in RMB Private Equity Funds
SFC Guidance On Requirements For Licensing Under The Law: Reliable Or Not
New Short Position Reporting: Analysis Of Hong Kong Proposals
New Tax Developments Affecting Management Fees: What Hong Kong Fund Managers Should Know
Relaxation Of Listing Requirements On The Stock Exchange Of Hong Kong: Exit Opportunities For Private Equity?
SFAT Casts Doubt On Legality Of Introduction Arrangements Between Hong Kong Brokers And Their Offshore Affiliates
The PCCW Privatization: A Guide To The Applicable Law For Schemes Of Arrangement
New Proposals To Regulate Mis-Selling Of Investment Funds & Structured Products In Hong Kong: Right Or Wrong?
Distressed Debt In Hong Kong: An Insolvency Primer For Private Equity
Managing The Risk Of Prime Broker Default: A Guide For Hedge Funds
Launching Innovative Retail Investment Funds In Hong Kong: Without SFC Authorization
Insider Dealing: A Primer For Hedge Fund And Private Equity Managers
Global Employment Standards For Global Financial Institutions In Hong Kong
Stock Exchange Of Hong Kong: Third Party Clearing At Last
Responding To SFC Enforcement Action: New Tactics?
Hong Kong: The Investment Fund Industry's Gateway To China
Non-Hong Kong Investment Funds: Relaxation Of SFC Authorization Practices
Take Private Transactions: Possible New Pitfalls For Private Equity
Challenging The SFC: What Every Compliance Officer Needs To Know
How to Start a Hedge Fund in Hong Kong: A Legal Primer
Take-Private Transactions: The Emergence Of A New Approach?