New Online Information Portal - Timothy Loh Corporate Services

For Immediate Release. July 3, 2018.

Timothy Loh LLP is pleased to announce the launch of a new online platform for its corporate services affiliate, Timothy Loh Corporate Services. This new platform will provide insights to corporate services clients, potential clients and friends. The new platform, located at, provides information on Hong Kong company law, taxation and other matters relevant to multinational companies, entrepreneurs, family offices and other persons doing business, planning for the inter-generational transfer of wealth or pursuing philanthropic endeavours in Hong Kong.

Commenting on the new platform, Timothy Loh, Managing Partner of Timothy Loh LLP said: “The new online platform for Timothy Loh Corporate Services responds to the growing demand for information on the increasingly complex Hong Kong corporate and tax environment. It provides information which is up to date, which is centralized into a single location and which is of the highest technical quality."