Who We Are


TIMOTHY LOH LLP is a Hong Kong based corporate and litigation law firm with a long history of delivering results for clients active in the financial markets and in financial services. The firm serves family offices looking to manage their capital, public and private businesses looking to raise and deploy capital, asset managers including hedge fund managers and private equity sponsors raising and deploying capital and regulated financial institutions and intermediaries active in banking, insurance and securities.

The firm opened its doors in 2004 with a single client. Today, the firm counts amongst its clients some of the world's most sophisticated consumers of legal services, including Fortune Global 500 companies and other public companies, bulge bracket investment firms as well as multi-billion dollar family offices and asset managers. We believe that we have succeeded because of our distinctive approach to the practice of law.

Generalist Approach

Our lawyers practice across multiple legal disciplines but focus on specific sectors of the financial markets or the f inance industry. We believe that this generalist approach enables our lawyers to identify the full range of legal issues which may affect clients in those sectors and to gain deeper insight into the problems those clients face. This in turn enables our lawyers to craft innovative solutions outside of defined market norms and to understand the litigation risks in transactions and the commercial context in litigious matters.

Conflict Free Representation

We are a single firm rather than a loose collection of affiliates. As a result, in cross-border matters, we are able to work with those firms in other jurisdictions whom we consider best suited to our clients rather than those firms affiliated with us. At the same time, whilst we work with some of the world's biggest financial institutions, we are not a panel law firm to any major financial institution. Consequently, in both transactional and litigious matters, we are able to advocate fiercely for our clients, even against major financial institutions, without fear of compromising our own economic interests.

Senior Level Attention

We are small because we afford each client matter senior level attention and we believe there is a natural limit to the number of matters which a senior lawyer can handle while maintaining day-to-day involvement. We believe that the attention given to each client matter by a senior lawyer ensures that each client benefits from the breadth and depth of expertise necessary to offer innovative and customized solutions for our clients with problems that are unique or particularly sensitive.


We believe that the skill of individual lawyers rather than the number of lawyers translates into results for clients and that too great an emphasis on a bigger firm can undermine the selectivity required to offer clients the best lawyers. We believe that the law remains a profession whose members distinguish themselves based on technical superiority, creativity and sound judgment in the client's commercial context. We believe that clients get better results from firms focused on the recruitment and development of lawyers who distinguish themselves on these bases rather than on size or geographic reach.


A PDF version of our firm brochure is available for download here.