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March 08, 2020
By Timothy Loh

How Does a Hong Kong Resident Get a Study Permit for Canada?

Generally, Hong Kong residents must apply for a study permit to study in Canada.

To qualify for a study permit for Canada, a foreign national such as a Hong Kong passport holder, must first apply to and be accepted to a Canadian educational institution, known as a Designated Learning Institution (“DLI”). A foreign national who wishes to study in Quebec must obtain a Quebec Acceptance Certificate in addition to a letter of acceptance from the DLI.

Assuming acceptance into a DLI, the foreign national will need to demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cover tuition costs and to maintain themselves during their first year in Canada or, if their program of study is less than a year, during their period of study. For study outside of Quebec, as of 2022, the Canadian government requires funding for living expenses (excluding tuition) of at least CAD10,000 for the student alone. Additional funds are required for additional family members.

What are Designated Learning Institutions ("DLIs”)?

Designated learning institutions are educational institutions including universities and colleges as well as technical and trade schools which have been designated by the Canadian government and which are eligible to host international students. Students accepted into these institutions are eligible for a study permit. As of March, 2022, there were over 1,500 designated learning institutions, the vast majority of which are located in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

The choice of DLI can be significant as graduates of some DLIs are eligible for a post graduate work permit (“PGWP”) while graduates of other DLIs are not.

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